Savor Thanksgiving Delights in Ellijay

This holiday season in Ellijay, savor a delightful Thanksgiving dinner at Mulberry Gap or relish the convenience of catering services by Sweet Cheeks Catering and Mountain View Gourmet at your very own home or cabin rental. With an array of options for feasting and relaxation, Ellijay promises an unforgettable holiday experience amidst picturesque mountain scenery.

Annual Thanksgiving Feast

November 11 – Embrace the spirit of giving with Faith, Hope, and Charity Recycle Store as they extend a warm invitation to Gilmer County for their Annual Thanksgiving Feast. Join in celebrating the season of gratitude as we come together to give back and share in the joy of fellowship.

Holiday Dinner at American Legion

November 19 – The American Legion is hosting a combined Veterans, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Dinner, providing ham and turkey, with a sign-up sheet available at the bar for side dish contributions. Veterans dine for free, while others are encouraged to donate.

Thanksgiving Dinner at Mulberry Gap

November 23 – Join Mulberry Gap this Thanksgiving Day beginning at 5 pm for an incredible traditional home-cooked spread, featuring turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and other favorites!

Thanksgiving Catering Services

Experience a hassle-free Thanksgiving celebration in Ellijay by employing the exceptional catering services of Sweet Cheeks BBQ and Mountain View Gourmet. With meticulously crafted dishes, these services will transform your home into a festive dining haven, allowing you to savor the holiday with your loved ones without the stress of cooking. Whether you’re enjoying dinner in your home or cabin rental, Ellijay’s catering options promise an unforgettable and sumptuous dining experience.

Savor Ellijay’s Sweetest Treats

Indulge in the delectable delights of Ellijay’s dessert scene after relishing a delightful Thanksgiving feast. From butterscotch blondies to pumpkin spice frappes, Ellijay offers a sweet ending to your holiday celebration. Treat yourself to a post-dinner dessert adventure and get rewarded with the Ellijay Treats Trail! Learn more –>