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valentines day in ellijay graphic. girl holding macaroon

Valentine’s Day Sweets & Treats in Ellijay

Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating love, is just around the corner, and what better...

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Mardi Gras On River Street

Get ready for a vibrant and lively celebration as Mardi Gras takes over River Street in downtown...

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Winter Indulgence in Ellijay: Savoring the Season’s Best Food and Wine

Welcome to Ellijay, Georgia – a winter wonderland nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. As...

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Savor Thanksgiving Delights in Ellijay

This holiday season in Ellijay, savor a delightful Thanksgiving dinner at Mulberry Gap or relish the...

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Savor Ellijay’s Sweetest Fall Treats

There’s no better way to celebrate the beauty of fall through your taste buds. From butterscotch...

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poke bowls at the shack

Food & Fun in Ellijay!

In this segment, Tourism Director, Ron and The Shack Owner, Abby, chat with 11alive about food...

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3 Things You Can’t Miss in Ellijay This Spring Break!

Spring break season is finally here! Why not spend it visiting Ellijay?   Nestled in the foothills...

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Three Must-try Mexican Restaurants in Ellijay, Georgia

If you’re a lover of street tacos, delicious rice and beans, or a good margarita, you won’t want to...

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