Strategic Plan

Gilmer Chamber Strategic Plan First Page


The Gilmer Chamber works to tirelessly promote the Gilmer County area, welcome visitors and newcomers, foster and develop a strong economic base, encourage the expansion of well-planned business and civic growth, and to enhance the quality of life of its citizens. Gilmer Chamber’s 2022-2024 Strategic Plan outlines:

  • Mission Statement
  • Vision
  • Goals
  • Values

The Strategic Plan identifies the Chamber’s top priority and goals, serving as a road map to lead our Chamber from what is it now and where it strives to be.

Our Mission

To promote a strong business environment that enhances the quality of the community.

Our Vision

To be the leader in making Gilmer County the best place to visit, live, work, invest and play.

Our Values

Integrity: We will always expect and encourage the highest ethical standards from our members, staff, and leadership team.

Kindness: We will treat all with respect and dignity and provide the highest service to all we encounter.

Collaboration: We will always seek to engage all stakeholders in a productive and constructive manner and to always provide a platform of unity.

Vision: We will all seek to be forward thinking and preparing for a positive future.

Our Goals

1. Membership Experience

To cultivate a meaningful and valuable experience for our members that assists in their thriving prosperity.

2. Workforce Development

To serve as a catalyst in current and future workforce development solutions for our members.

3. Program & Committee Development

To enhance our programming and services by strengthening our committee structures and engagement.

4. Tiered Dues

To transition our Chamber into offering a customized tiered dues system that will provide our members with a variety of investment options.

5. Internal Operations

To continually enhance our internal organizational excellence.