Treat Your Pet When You Visit Ellijay, Georgia!

While you explore all the awesome shopping, restaurants, and attractions, Ellijay has to offer, don’t forget to treat your pet! Ellijay offers many local attractions and businesses that are pet friendly and provides the best care for them.

Local Pet Shops

When visiting Downtown Ellijay, stop by Mountain Hounds to pick up some stylish accessories, treats, or nutritious pet food, to satisfy all your furry friends’ needs. They have the perfect leashes and vests for dogs when hiking local trails or walking downtown. For the perfect birthday gifts for your pets, Mountain Hounds has the ideal cookies, toys, and other treats that are sure to make them feel special.

Another pet store for your furry friend is South Paw Natural Pets. South Paw has all-natural food, pet care products, accessories, and grooming. They offer fresh blends for raw feeding, bone broth, yogurt, and more to help your pet thrive. They also carry all-natural pet hygiene products like bars of soap, shampoo, and much more.

Treat your pets to the finest food, toys, and treats they need!

Pet Care and Grooming

Another way to treat your pets is to have them cleaned and polished! Pets on Main is perfect for styling and grooming your pets! Their services include a full groom, which offers nail tripping, a bath, ear cleaning, eye cleaning, and a full cut. They also can give your pet a bath that cleans their eyes and ears, and after the bath, they brush and fluff them out. Lastly, their mini-groom offers washing and cleaning of their fur, nail care, ears and eyes, a brush out, and a face, feet, and fanny fur trim.

Pet Vacation

When you hit the town, why not your pet? Ellijay offers many overnight boarding and doggy daycares for when you are traveling.

Let your pet stay at Pet’s Night Out for the perfect doggy bed and breakfast! Your furry friends can roam and play with spacious indoor and outdoor climate control rooms. They also have separate rooms for feline friends to play in as well. With six acres to run and play in, your pet will never want to go home after their vacation at Pet’s Night Out!