Leadership Gilmer Program Overview


Building LIFT Leaders – Leaders that inspire.  Leaders for our community.

LIFT Leaders can expect to be in the Leadership Gilmer Program for nine months, starting in January and ending in September.  It is essential to commit to the dates in the schedule.  Participants are allowed to miss one day to receive a certification of completion.

Components of the program include:

Welcome Mixer: The Leadership Gilmer Program kicks off with a Welcome Mixer on Thursday, January 11, 2024, and community leaders, Leadership Gilmer Alumni, Government officials, fellow chamber members, and LIFT Leaders will have an opportunity to meet one another in a fun, social environment.  Our LIFT Leaders will feel supported and encouraged by all who attend.

Leader Day: Leader Days are usually a full day, scheduled for the 3rd Tuesday of every month (unless there is a holiday or conflict; please refer to the schedule) from January through August, and a commencement ceremony is scheduled for September 17, 2024.  Please note that in some cases, there may be a 2-2.5 virtual session for LIFT Leaders to attend in the days leading up to Leader Day.  LIFT Leaders work together on Leader Days to build on self-awareness of strengths, learn new ways to build relationships with others and deal with conflict and change, and create opportunities to leverage leadership into the future.   Leader Days are designed to build leadership skills in a classroom setting, including experiential learning.

Business Project Teams: As an integral part of the Leadership Gilmer Program, each LIFT Leader collaborates on a project team with a business mentor that addresses a significant business problem.   Adopting an action learning process, the project teams embark on an approach to solving an issue facing our community. In doing so, they build critical thinking skills, demonstrate problem-solving, improve presentations and communications, and foster an appreciation of diverse cultures and needs, leading to more vital leadership.

Closing Ceremony:  Business project teams will finish the program with a capstone – presenting their solutions to key business and community leaders.  Participants will receive a certificate for completing the program.  Dinner is provided.


Graduates of the program are invited to join Leadership Gilmer Alumni.   Alumni attend special events, provide leadership on committees and task forces, and help as team facilitators.  Graduates can mentor future LIFT Leaders and add feedback to enhance the program for others. 


In addition to a truly valuable learning experience, our reduced tuition rate includes professional assessment tools and reports, professional headshot, class t-shirt, food and beverage (kick-off events and monthly sessions), speakers and training facilitation fees, materials, transportation for special off-site events, social media recognition, graduation dinner and awards ceremony.

The tuition for this year: $650 for Chamber Members (paid by either employer or applicant)

Full payment is required by December 1st.

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Leadership Gilmer is an Initiative of Gilmer Chamber.