Leadership Gilmer Program Overview

The Leadership Gilmer Program builds and strengthens a better community through training its leaders for the challenges of tomorrow.

The goal of Leadership Gilmer is to develop informed leaders and channel their ideas and experiences toward community resources, issues, and concerns to help direct the future of Gilmer County. This goal is achieved by programs, informal discussions, and participatory experiences.

Who can participate? The Leadership Advisory Committee solicits and reviews nominations for the program. Participants are those who have been identified as having an interest in the community and a sincere commitment to making Gilmer County a better place to work and live. Participants are chosen to represent the occupational and demographic diversity in the community. Class size is limited to a maximum of 22 people.

The curriculum includes a welcome mixer at the Annual Meeting in January, one full day session per month from February through August and a commencement activity in September. Each program session concentrates on a specific area of the community using panel discussions, speakers, special presentations, and participatory experiences. A homework assignment may be given prior to each session.

Topics covered include local government, the judicial system, local economics, quality of life, the education system, medical services, state government, volunteerism, and leadership skills.

The cost for Leadership is $250, which includes all meals at the monthly programs, materials needed throughout the year, transportation for the state government session and graduation fees.

Commencement is held in September. Participants and their spouses, as well as alumni, are invited to enjoy a festive evening to celebrate the year’s highlights. Diplomas are awarded only to those participants who have missed no more than one class.

The benefits for Leadership Gilmer participants include learning specific leadership skills, gaining a broad base exposure to the community, meeting peers in other fields and forming friendships and networks to benefit professional and volunteer activities. In addition, the community gains a group of trained leaders who have developed a heightened sense of civic concern and responsibility.

Leadership development is for large and small business people, community volunteers, professionals, civic/government employees, and YOU!

Dates for the 2024 class will be the third Thursday of each month, February through September (some dates may vary).

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Leadership Gilmer is an Initiative of Gilmer Chamber.