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Staying Safe Online How to Prevent Cyber Attacks

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Staying Safe Online

Cyber security. It’s a topic that can cause a lot of anxiety in a world that is becoming more and more digital each day. While we try our best to stay safe online, there may be times when a simple click on a link can become a major headache.

Luckily, Gilmer has an amazing asset in our community who knows a lot about helping us stay safe online.

Ray Postell of North Georgia Computer Brokers has been working on computers since the late 90s and, when it comes to viruses and hackers, he knows his stuff. Ray has over 20 years’ experience in computer maintenance and he has helped many local web surfers save their system after an attack. But Ray says that the best way to deal with an attack is by stopping the attack before it happens.

Postell says that our senior adult population is most susceptible to cyber attacks and he has seen clients be swindled out of money in amounts from the hundreds all the way up to over $10,000 by hackers who pose as tech support companies.

These hackers pose as companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google. The scams often begin as a pop-up in your internet browser. Users may receive a blue error screen or be prompted to call a toll-free number for “tech support.” The faux tech support specialists then prompt users to allow them to remote into their computer and report false issues with the system.

The “help” users pay these scammers for can be useless or malicious. At the low end, they will be scammed out of money once. At the worst, the scammers install malicious programs like screen monitoring and keystroke logging onto the victim’s system so they can continue to lock up the user’s system and mine data like passwords and account information off the computer without the user’s knowledge.

But these scams can easily be stopped before they ever begin. Here are Postell’s simple tips for avoiding these scams once you get the pop up:

  1. Enter your task manager

Access your task manager by pressing CTRL+Alt+Delete at the same time if you are a Windows user and by pressing Option+Command+Escape if you are a Mac user. The task manager will show you all tasks you currently have running on your system.

  1. End Task on Your Browsing Session

Click on the browser you are using (i.e. Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer) and click “End Task”. This will exit your browsing session.

  1. Re-open Your Browser and Delete Your Browsing History

By deleting your browsing history, you disconnect any link the would-be scammers have with your system.

Be sure to do these three simple steps immediately once you encounter a scam attempt. If your system has become locked up and you are unsure if it is safe, call North Georgia Computer Brokers. Their computer professionals can scan your system to remove any rogue software that may have been installed on your system.

Above all else, remember to stay safe and cautious when browsing the web!

North Georgia Computer Brokers was named Gilmer Chamber’s Business of the Month for February 2020 and received this article as promotion for their business as reward for their naming.