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Ribbon cutting for Okinawa Restaurant

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20160405_164416On April 6, the Gilmer Chamber celebrated Okinawa Restaurant's new renovations. Okinawa Restaurant is a family-fun dining experience. Along with a meal and entertainment, Okinawa Restaurant features exotic drinks. Okinawa is the place to try new and exotic SAKE! No where else in Ellijay provides you with such an extensive variety of  hot and cold Sake. But if you are in the mood for a more mixed beverage? We have you covered! Lychee Martini is quickly becoming the most popular of drinks. With Chilled Grey Goose and fresh Lychee, It is easy to see why. Take a trip to Tokyo with a Tokyo Tea! Chilled Grey Goose, Sake, Midori, and muddled lemon give this drink an authentic Asian experience. Be a warrior with a Samurai! Sake, Melon Liquor, and Peach Schnapps will spark your bravery. Try a Sake Bomb! A 220 oz Sapporo with a Hot Sake accompanied with chopsticks and your force, make this drink a Rock star! A Passion Fruit Mojito will pick you back up after a long day. Fresh lime, mint, and Passion fruit make the refreshing drink and easy one to unwind with. For those who want an exotic flavor without the alcohol should try the Thai Boba Tea! Strongly brewed black tea spiced with Star Anise, Turmeric, and Cardamom. It is sweetened with milk and sugar. Boba is a gummy ball made from the Cassava root! Okinawa Restaurant 130 Old Orchard Square, East Ellijay (706) 698-2222 social-facebook