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Ribbon Cutting for Heart Chan

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heartchan On Friday September 16th, the Gilmer Chamber celebrated Heart Chan as a new member and new business in Gilmer County. They hosted a meditation retreat at their location allowing visitors from all over the world to come to Ellijay and harmonize with the world. Heart Chan represents an unbroken line of teachings and teachers, traced back over 1500 years to the enlightenment achieved at Shaolin temple in China where an Indian monk discovered integrating and harmonizing varied spiritual practices, rather than highlighting differences and potential conflict between them, led to clarity, truth, fulfillment and inner peace. At Heart Chan they share these ancient teachings and practices, as brought to life in our current time by our generations' Shifu, to allow practitioners to discover and experience for themselves how to deepen and enhance your life experience. They created Heartchan ERRC (east regional retreat center) to be a friendly and unpretentious place to discover and experience this practice and how it might fit into your life. heartchanThey offer regular introductory classes and workshops, weekend or more extensive retreats for those interested to deepen their practice, as well as teacher training and support for those inclined to start their own local meditation group.  At Heart Chan they provide opportunity for people to experience these benefits in a safe, fun, non-stressful environment through classes and workshops. Daily Morning Schedule: 6:00-7:00am Morning Mediation 7:00-8:00am Morning Exercise (Qigong/Taichi) Morning schedule is daily practice for those that have completed Chan intro, Qigong Intro and/or personal/group retreat participants. Evening Schedule: Monday Open Qigong by appointment Tuesday 7:00-8:30pm Chan Meditation Wednesday 10:00pm-11:00pm Chan broadcast (weekly, ongoing) Thursday 7:00-8:30pm Body Practice Qigong/Taichi class Friday Open They will also be offering bi-annual 7 day intensives, starting Winter 2016 and Quarterly Intro to Chan weekend retreat, Fri-Sun, open to all, Starting first quarter 2017. Heart Chan 987 Shenendoa Drive Ellijay, Georgia 30540 706-276-2001