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Reasons Why Dogs Love Ellijay!

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There are so many reasons humans love Ellijay, but the dogs would like to tell you why they love Ellijay the most! _20150826_181249 The mountain air is good for the soul! _20150826_181224 Ellijay is the best place to chill by the river... _20150826_180822 Or sip wine by the river... _20150826_181301 Or just be in the river! _20150826_181152 As the Mountain Bike Capital of Georgia, it's the best place to ride or run the trails! _20150826_181016 If you need some expert advice on mountain biking, we recommend that you stop by Cartecay Bike Shop and talk to Chewey. _20150826_181312 While you are in Downtown Ellijay you should be sure to check out all the great places to shop and eat! _20150826_181209 Downtown Ellijay is always having fun pet-friendly events such as St. Petrick's Day and Apple Arts. The Georgia Apple Blossom Festival is also pet friendly! _20150826_180856 It wouldn't be a visit to the Apple Capital of Georgia without a delicious fried pie from one of our Apple Houses! _20150826_181058 There is plenty of pet-friendly lodging in Ellijay! _20150826_180949 But don't drink too much... _20150826_180933 Or you will miss out on snuggling by the fire! _20150826_181137 You never know when a friend might come over to play! _20150826_181029 So bring your dog to their favorite place and let them show you why Ellijay is so great! www.exploretheellijays.com instagram_icon #ellijay #dogsofellijay