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June Network Luncheon

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On June 9, 2016 Georgia Transmission sponsored the Gilmer Chamber Network Luncheon at the ETC Pavilion. Craig Heighton, Public Affairs Director, with Georgia Transmission Corporation spoke about the ongoing transmission line project. Georgia Transmission  Corporation, has long been committed, along with Amicalola Electric Membership Cooperative, to providing more reliable electric service to area businesses and residents. This is best accomplished by duplicity in the lines for faster recovery times. Mr. Heighton reported that clearing has started and construction will begin soon. As part of their continued commitment to the communities they serve, Georgia Transmission presented the Ellijay Mountain Bike Association a check for $20,000 for planning and construction of the trails system at Carter’s Lake that will be impacted by the new line. Following the presentation from Georgia Transmission, Paige Green, President and CEO of the Gilmer Chamber announced that it was Gilmer Chamber Week! As part of the celebration they shared some of the materials they use to promote tourism in Gilmer County. Paige explained to the members that the Gilmer Chamber has spent the last year building new content to use in all forms of advertising and social media to promote tourism in the future. Part of the new content was a focus on videos. Below is a sample video put together to show the membership. This video is not intended to be shared or used for any other purpose. DSC_5384Following the video, Karla Haege the Gilmer Chamber Communications Manager announced this June's Social Star. This member works hard every day to use social media to draw not only visitors to their business but to Gilmer County. They diversify their communication efforts across multiple platforms and use each one creatively, whether it is posting weather updates on Twitter or beautiful photos along local bike trails on Instagram. They spread the good news about mountain biking in Gilmer County as much as possible and each day strive to find new ways to reach more people on social media. That is why Mulberry Gap is this month's social star. Just a reminder there is no network luncheon in July. Our next luncheon will be August 11, 2016 our sponsor is Piedmont Mountainside Hospital and the speaker will be Commissioner Mark Butler with the Georgia Department of Labor. Click Here to RSVP

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