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Gilmer Chamber Celebrates 40 Years

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trent-sanford-150x200 Gilmer Chamber Celebrates 40 Years - Gilmer County Chamber of Commerce     My Dear Fellow Chamber Members, I am honored to be serving as Gilmer Chamber Chairman of the Board  during our 40th Anniversary year. While I have not been a member of our great organization all those years, I did work next door to the Chamber office way back in the late 70’s. Additionally, having been a part of chambers in three other communities, I realize what a real gem we have here in Gilmer County and how blessed our community is because of this chamber. Few businesses that helped start our organization are still around today, but the Chamber has become the continuity for our community; the knowledge base of who, what, where, when and why; the largest volunteer base; a voice for Gilmer County in Atlanta and beyond; and the go to organization for collaborative leadership and getting things accomplished. Starting out as only a small group representing almost exclusively business owners, our Chamber has expanded to include our schools, government offices, churches, non-profits, destination attractions and an even broader cross section of our business community. When you get down to it, every individual and organization inside Gilmer County, or that has an interest in Gilmer County, would now benefit from being a part of our chamber family. Not only do we still meet the needs of local businesses, we are the moving force for tourism, a major economic driver, a voice of reason and a resource to all that seek it. The next several months will build up to what we hope will be the business and social event of the year for Gilmer County—our 40th Anniversary Reunion Celebration. At our meetings, in our email communications, and through Chamber Times we will take you down memory lane….remembering past accomplishments, milestones, programs, projects, one-time events, locations, staff, board members and much more. Our reunion committee is a diligent group led by Past Chairman and current member of our Board of Directors Steven Purvis. Also, on the committee are Past Chairs John Marshall, Kent Sanford and Sidney Mahan; members Andy Ashhurst, Heath Lee, and Hubert Parker; staff members Paige Green, Ruth Bodine, Ellen Grant, and Karla Haege; and myself. While our reunion celebration evening will include a great location, food, beverage, a live band, a Museum of History, and maybe some swag….the most important piece of the night will be YOU! Few organization ever reach an anniversary like this and it will not be the same without your participation. I want to ask not only our current members, but those who have been a member, leader, employee or volunteer across the decades and those that have not yet been a part; to get involved again or maybe for the first time. Please mark your calendar and save the date of Saturday, August 18, 2018, for this grand event. One thing I can tell you for sure….this is not the Gilmer Chamber that your parents were a part of! While we exist today because of the dedication of those that came before, what we all collectively invest today will pay great dividends to the future citizens of Gilmer County. I look forward to celebrating this milestone year with you all, and I thank you for allowing me to serve you as your Chairman during this historic year!   Trent W. Sanford, Chairman of the Board