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Cabin Fever... A Seasonal Series on Cabin Weekend Get-Aways -Winter Edition

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Photo Jan 26, 1 02 07 PMWe are rambling down the dirt road when I see the cabin nestled in the mountainside. A sense of complete joy flows over me as we pull into the drive; we are on vacation in the mountains! After a long week, Bill - my fiance, our dog Sparky, and I packed up our car for a much-needed relaxing getaway. And what better place than the North Georgia mountains!  After settling into our cozy cabin, I rush to the back porch to make sure not to miss the view. Photo Jan 26, 1 02 28 PMThe sunset is absolutely breathtaking as the pinks and yellows blend together through the trees. Bill and Sparky get the logs for the fireplace, so we can unwind by the fire after our  drive. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect Friday night! Reading a book by the fire in a cozy cabin.Photo Jan 26, 2 30 18 PM We start our Saturday with an early morning walk and a cup of coffee on a trail near our cabin.Photo Jan 26, 1 37 44 PM We leisurely walk down the path as Sparky keeps finding interesting things to stop and sniff. I listen to the sounds around us; our walking on the gravel trail, Sparky's soft panting, the birds chirping in the trees, and a small creek ambling. It was in that moment that we found peace and tranquility. For the rest of our Saturday morning, we are lounging in the hammock on the deck. I curl up in the hammock with a blanket and Sparky lays at my feet. The fresh, crisp air and the warm sun send a feeling of calm all the way down to my soul.Photo Apr 26, 8 22 37 AM Deciding that we wanted an afternoon adventure, we pack Sparky into the car and made a trip to Ellijay's historic downtown. The downtown has a peaceful square in the center that the cars travel around.We see an elderly couple cozied up on one of the square's benches, watching the cars drive around them. Sparky and Bill find an outside patio to sit and sip beer, while I meander through downtown's local boutiques and its many antique shops. At one of the local boutiques, I find a simple and incredibly soft Ellijay tee that was perfect! After spending careful time and enough money, I am working up an appetite and catch up with Sparky and Bill at the restaurant.Photo Jan 26, 2 39 07 PM There are plenty of locals catching up with friends and having a great time every where you go. Downtown is such a welcoming, friendly place and you'll never meet a stranger. The store owners talk to you as though you are old friends catching up and the staff at the restaurants always greet you with a kind smile. After our late lunch, we grab a coffee and sweet treat before taking Sparky back to the cabin.   While grabbing coffee downtown, we noticed a flyer for a concert series that is held on Saturday evenings. We love low-key, singer-songwriter concerts, which is what the flyer promised.Photo Jan 26, 2 44 47 PM The venue is eclectic and cozy, which is perfect for our romantic evening. The singer-songwriter is an amazing local artist with only an acoustic guitar and soothing voice. We sway and sip on a few beverages as we listen to the music, falling even more in love with this town. After the concert ends, it is time to go home and rest as Sparky is waiting for us back at the cabin. As the sun sets over the mountains, we sit around the firepit - thankful for this beautiful place. Photo Jan 26, 1 10 40 PM "A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content." Sunday is our last day, and we want a great ending to our vacation. So, we hike through the wooded area surrounding our cabin and eat peanut butter sandwiches, while looking out at a great view. The vibrant green pines with the Blue Ridge mountains in the background are absolutely picturesque!Photo Jan 26, 1 11 55 PM   My favorite part of our last days on vacations is reading the guest book of where we stay. I curl up on the comfy couch and turn the pages of the previous adventurers' tales. Some of the pages I stop and read aloud to Bill as he is packing up our stuff. The book is filled with many "Thanks for such a relaxing time!", "Such a great time!", and "It was the perfect getaway!" and  we couldn't agree more with them. The North Georgia mountains are THE place for R&R!   Click Here for a list of area accommodations. Click Here for a list of area dining options. Visit Explore the Ellijays for more information on outdoor activities and calendar of events.   ***Disclosure - This narration is fictional based on real visitor photos for public viewing on Instagram #Ellijay. Narration is copyrighted by the Gilmer Chamber.