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Best Desserts in Ellijay

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Ellijay may be famous for it's apples and wine, but did you know that we also has an unbeatable selection of delicious desserts? We've compiled a list of some of the best sweet eats. Check out some of our top desserts that we've listed below and pick one to celebrate with tonight!  

The Martyn House's Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookie

img_3691 Ellijay Coffeehouse's espresso chocolate chip cookie is the ultimate marriage of chocolate and coffee goodness. This cookie is the perfect pairing with any of the Martyn House's drinks. And if your coffee doesn't put a pep in your step, this decadent cookie will! With large chocolate chips and a rich chocolate taste, this over sized cookie doesn't disappoint. social-facebook instagram_icon

Mr. P's Peanut Butter Cake

img_3589 If you're swinging by Mr. P's for one of their famous Paradise Burgers, be sure to grab a slice of their equally famous Peanut Butter cake.  This moist sheet cake is topped to perfection with the most luscious peanut butter icing you've ever tasted. It's made fresh in house and is available at the check out counter. Grab a slice (or more) of this delicious cake today! We're sure you'll love it. social-facebook

Moobear's Superman Ice Cream

img_2757 Moobear's Superman ice cream is a flavor so popular that it's hard to keep in stock. But if you are lucky enough to show up when this fan favorite is in the freezer, you'll be treated to lemon, bubblegum, and strawberry swirled together in scoops of perfection. Of course, Moobear's has a large selection of Ashby's Sterling ice cream to choose from. There's always a new flavor to discover and fall in love with at Moobear's! social-facebook instagram_icon  

Cantaberry Restaurant's Caramel Pound Cake

img_3598 Cantaberry may be best known for its wide selection of soups and sandwiches, but did you know that their desserts are equally delicious? They offer several exquisite varieties of pound cake daily at their dessert counter. Whether you're in the mood for a chocolate pound cake or a slice of brown sugar pound cake, you are certain to find a  dessert that you will love at the end of your Cantaberry meal. social-facebook instagram_icon

Abby's Frozen Yogurt

abbys-dessert-blog (Photo from Abby's Facebook Page) Abby's fro-yo is the perfect customizable dessert. With a variety of flavors and toppings, you can keep things simple or add as many toppings as you want. Whether you're a strawberry fro-yo fan or you like the sound of cereal atop your frozen creation, Abby's is sure to have something you will love. Unlike most frozen yogurt shops where you have to pay by weight, Abby's has flat rate cups. Tax is even included! social-facebook

Charlie's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria Tiramisu

14591760_1256326334430198_2271218097771932986_n (Photo from Charlie's Facebook page) Charlie's is the only restaurant around where you can get delicious and authentic Italian desserts like Tiramisu and Cannoli. If neither of these desserts are your thing, they also have delicious Key Lime Pie and a Chocolate Fudgy Wudgy that simply can't be beat. When you dine at Charlie's you are guaranteed to get a dessert that tastes just as good as it look. They'll even specially decorate your plate for your anniversary or other special occasion upon request. social-facebook

Mike's Ellijay Restaurant Coconut Cake

o (Photo taken from Mike's Ellijay Restaurant's coconut cake is the perfect taste of Summer all year long. With tiny coconut cakes and the perfect amount of icing, this wet coconut cake tastes just like the one grandma made. If you're looking to end your comfort food meal at Mike's on a sweet note, their delicious coconut cake is the perfect option. social-facebook

And Let's Not Forget the Delicious Fried Pies

Photo-Oct-04-9-28-35-PM-300x292 Best Desserts in Ellijay - Gilmer County Chamber of Commerce Of course, Ellijay's apple houses have some of the county's best fried pies and baked goods. From apple to blueberry cream cheese, the selection of fried pies in Georgia's Apple Capital is absolutely unbeatable. While you're out buying apples or just spending some time with family, be sure to stop by the apple house bakery and take home a delicious dessert.   Get out and try one (or maybe even a few) of our top desserts tonight! Of course, all of our restaurants have amazing dessert options and sweet treats. Go ahead and treat yourself to something tasty at one of Ellijay or East Ellijay's eateries. And when you do, be sure to tag them using #Ellijay so all of your friends can know where you got that awesome dessert.