Flower Picking in Ellijay 🌸

When you visit Ellijay, don’t forget to add flower picking to your itinerary! With over 9 apple orchards and 14 vineyards, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors in the North Georgia Mountains – including flower picking in Ellijay’s beautiful family farms. It’s a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and surround yourself with picturesque scenery.

Known for their delicious apples, Aaron Family Orchards has recently opened their first-ever flower patch. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful sunflowers and zinnias they have to offer. Along with rows upon rows of vibrant sunflowers, visit their store to fresh apples, canned goods, and other fresh produce grown on the farm.

Ellijay Mushrooms, the newest mushroom farm in North Georgia, has also joined the flower picking scene. They grow and cultivate high-quality mushrooms and are now offering a delightful flower picking experience as well. Visit their farm store to build your bouquet of flowers, and purchase quality Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms.

You won’t want to miss another family favorite, R & A Orchards. This family-owned farm market offers a bakery, café, and their popular U-Pick flower field. From vibrant zinnias to stunning sunflowers, they have a wide variety of colorful zinnias and sunflowers for everyone to enjoy.

When you’re in Ellijay, make sure to visit these farms for some flower-picking fun. For additional flower-picking fun, make sure to visit Red Apple Barn, Harvest Moon Farm, and Town Creek Valley Farm. You can pick flowers, grab some fresh and juicy apples, and even get your hands on some high-quality mushrooms and fresh farm products. Whether you create a lovely bouquet or want to capture the perfect Instagram-worthy shot, immerse yourself in the beauty of blossoming flowers and let the natural beauty of Ellijay create a backdrop for memories that will bloom forever.