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Have You Heard That Ellijay Rocks?

Everyone is talking about rocks. Everyone is searching for rocks. Everyone is painting rocks.
Why? Because Ellijay Rocks!

Everyone is joining the fun by painting and hiding and/or finding rocks around Ellijay. This project is meant for our community to come together and spread happiness among all ages. Discover your creative side while having fun discovering different parts of our community and hiding/finding beautiful and uniquely decorated rocks!

Whether you are an adult, child, visitor or resident, anyone can join in on the fun. These beautiful rocks are hidden all over Downtown Ellijay, in parks, restaurants and other businesses throughout the community.

Want to get in on the fun, first go the the  Ellijay Rocks Facebook!

Then, All you need are rocks, paint/sharpies, and your imagination! (Sealant is recommended as well to protect from the elements.)


– Cheap acrylic paint that works great.
– Paint pens work well also.
– If using Sharpies, cover with white glue before sealing to prevent bleeding/blurring.
– Walmart sells a UV clear resistant sealer as does Ace Hardware.
– Make sure the paint is dry before sealing and before hiding. ?
– Lowe’s sells a big bag of smooth rocks for $10.

There are a ton of ideas on Google, Pinterest, etc.. Please keep all rock paintings in good taste since children and adults alike will be finding them!

Make sure you tag the Facebook group, Ellijay Rocks, on the back of your rock.Once you’ve finished your rocks, we would love for you to post pics of them in the group or on Instagram (or remain anonymous).

If you find a painted rock, keep it or re-hide it somewhere else for someone else to find. If you decide to keep a rock, you are encouraged to hide a new rock somewhere in its place; however, it’s up to you!

Add any of your friends to our group who would be interested in doing this and feel free to share the page!

***Please be careful where you hide your rocks so that they don’t cause any damage to property (i.e. Don’t hide in the grass where it can damage a lawn mower or hurt someone). Don’t steal rocks from private property or from someone’s landscaping. Under no circumstance should you ever trespass or go on someone’s private property.***

If you’d like to print Ellijay Rock labels/tags for your rocks, these can be found in the Files section in the Facebook Group (or personalize your own).

We love Ellijay Rocks and we hope you do too! Have fun and remember to always use your best judgment! We are doing this to spread happiness, smiles and love!

Ellijay Rocks Facebook Group

 Ellijay Rocks Instagram

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