Gilmer County Chamber of Commerce

15th Annual Good Samaritan Catholic Church Flea Market

Every year there is a buzz in September, “When’s the flea market?” Everyone can’t wait to pick through all the cool stuff and find their treasure!


We got a sneak peak at the Good Samaritan Catholic Church’s Flea Market that is happening this Friday, September 15 from 8:30-4:00pm and Saturday, September 16 from 8:30-1pm at the Lions Club Fairgrounds. Debbie Slaughter, in her 9th year organizing the flea market, showed us around the event as volunteers were working hard to get everything set up.

They have a lot of clothing for all ages and sizes!

They have everything you need to stock up for Christmas!

There is so much unique furniture, you must check it out if you like to re-purpose old furniture!

This volunteer is having fun playing with all the jewelry!

Click Here for more information on the Flea Market!